What to wear? What to wear?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

– Rachel Zoe

Okay, so let’s figure out why you’re here. Is it for a session your planning? Do you need some inspo.? Are you here just to check it out and see what all the hub-bub is about? Well, whatever it is, HI! I’m glad you’re here! I hope somehow this helps you get some kind of idea of what to wear during your session. Let’s get it started…

First, Have you ever heard, “Less is more?“. It’s true! Stick to simplicity. If having lots of patterns is your thing, then go for it – but, If I’m being completely honest here (and I am), then maybe that’s going to look a bit busy. Neutral colors are always on trend and will always be timeless.

Second, on the note of timeless, lean toward more vintage styled items. They’ve stayed relevant and held up to the test of time – they probably will do so for years to come.
(This doesn’t mean you can’t add a modern touch to it! Go for it! Just don’t go adding a fidget spinner T-shirt/sweater to the look. Know wa’m sayin’?)

Third, dress for the occasion. Is it Christmas? Is it spring? Are you shooting out in the wild? Are you going to a downtown setting? Your outfit should match the theme, yet not hit you over the head with it. I.E. You may not want to wear a button-down screaming ” Happy holidays!” I mean, unless you’re totally into that (I kinda am.. *cough cough*). You want to create a nice contrast with your outfit and look like you belong in the scene. Imagine a downtown shoot with a gorgeous red gown. Now, imagine a flowing natural style dress in the middle of the woods. Both are gorgeous and suite the location. Let the location guide your choice.

Fourth, no logos. Logos are my enemy. They can definitely date a photo and they often call focus to them. Again, simplicity is best. Remember it’s not about your outfit, it’s about the person wearing them. Don’t let it wear you.

Let’s talk accessories and statement pieces, lastly. So, Your dress-up fun should never be constricted to a plain jane look, if that’s not your style. Think of ways to add arm candy and some nice little touches. Bonnets are an amazing way to add some style to your babies outfit. Try out some knee high socks or a lovely vest. My favorite shops for accessories and on trend / timeless outfits are:

Chloe + Isabel – All women’s accessories (you can see them in use right HERE)
H&M – Everyone in the family
Gap / Baby Gap – Everyone and their mamas, too.
TJMAXX/Ross – These two are always fun to shop and “treasure hunt” as my son says.
Rent The Runway – Rent lavish $1,000 dresses for less than 10%.
Target – My absolute favorite place to purchase from! They have everything you need for a model family session with any style.

Let’s kick this off with the babes and wrap it up with good ol’ daddio or for your favorite dudes.
You can see a constantly updated Pinterest board > here <

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

– Coco Chanel

“The joy of dressing is an art.”

– John Galliano