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Step by step at home photography


Ever stare at a photograph and think to yourself, “Welp.. that’s incredibly adorable and complicated..”. While sometimes photography can be extremely complicated, these photos were not too overwhelming and I’ll show you exactly how I did it.

All you’re going to need is:

a good camera

35 mm lens (anything shorter or a bit longer will do as well)

some fuzzy fabric

a sheer curtain


and an adorable model

untitled shoot-2533 copy

untitled shoot-2613 copyuntitled shoot-2615untitled shoot-2617

First thing is first, lets set up the shot.

Make sure you have all your items close at hand because this will go by so fast.

  1. Find an open window (Obstruction free; no trees directly behind and allowing lots of light to flow through*)*make sure the sun is not coming in directly through the window; this will cause harsh shadows and you won’t be able to get even lighting
  2. Place your sheer curtain in front of the window to defuse and soften the light (that’s what gives you that even creaminess)
  3. Now place your fabric down by your window. Make sure the texture is how you want it (i.e. hairs, lines, angle…etc.)
  4. Get your model dressed and ready in that order.- If you are working with a young child or an infant warm up the room as much as possible before you even start setting up, especially if you will be photographing them with exposed skin. Trust me this is the only way they will stay put for long.- Dress them in your outfit of choice. (change diaper at this time if need be)- Feed them until their heart is content.

    – Rock them to sleep if they that’s what you’re going for.

  5. Set your camera settings to the correct white balance, exposer, and aperture.
  6. Place your model on to your set up. (You might have to tweak your settings a little if you feel like baby is over or under exposed.)
  7. Shoot like a mad man! Get all those adorable poses you want (Please do not attempt any composite shots or any tricky poses if you are not trained properly to do so. Follow your gut and common sense when shooting infants. If it feels dangerous, don’t do it. SAFETY FIRST!)

How I post processed my images:

In this video I’ll be taking you through Adobe Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC 2014 and how I use this tools in my workflow. All actions used will be linked down below. Enjoy & Happy shooting!


Actions used:
Erin Tole Paintbox:
Greater than the Gatsby:
Sarah Beth Photography:


Purchase Photoshop or Lightroom:




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