Newborn Experience

From the moment you call to the moment you leave your session.

Everything has been curated to you.

At about 5 months pregnant parents usually contact me to set their due date into my calendar, at this time I require a 50% down payment deposit. The 50% down payment deposit is taken off from the total payment. As we progress further, we will be updating each other with how the pregnancy is going. Once baby has made their grand entrance into the world, I should receive the exciting news! Congrats! You’re now parents of a beautiful new life! Eeek!

Scheduling the session after the baby has arrived:
As soon as your baby has arrived, and you’ve notified me, we will select a date depending on your feeding method. Typically, if the baby is breastfed I tell mothers and fathers to wait until the baby is 7 days old to ensure that mother’s milk has come in and baby is getting the hang of latching.
If the baby is bottle-fed / formula fed, I usually have parents wait until the baby is 5 days old to ensure that their formula is sitting well with their tummies and are sleeping soundly with no discomfort.

The studio:
My studio space is about 140 sq ft in size and all pure white. Inside the studio, I have minimal props that are completely vintage and safe for baby to be in. We also have tons of outfits and backdrops for baby to use while they are here. Everything is sanitized and washed before you or your baby touches them. We encourage siblings, and both parents to come, but please refrain from inviting too many guests as our studio is quite quaint.

The day of the session:
The day of your session will start off with a bit of homework for you. If you are formula feeding, please hold off their next feed (if it’s in between 2 hours of when you’ll arrive) until you get to the studio. Another piece of homework for you will be, to dress baby in a sleeper that opens from the front (this will ensure that I won’t wake or startle baby as I undress him/her). Keep diaper on loosely, as to avoid any skin marks it may leave. I’ll have the studio a cozy 85 degrees, please come in something comfy and breathable. I encourage outfits to be as neutral and simple as possible. We really want to focus on your family and a great way to avoid this is not selecting large prints or bright colorful patterns. With that said, Rainbows and other sentimental things are always welcome! The session can last anywhere from an hour to three hours. It all depends on the baby. During your session, you will feed baby quite a bit so do not be alarmed. I will have lots of snacks for moms recovering from labor and lots of water for everyone in the studio to keep them hydrated.

After the session:
Turn around time varies from 3 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on how busy we are in the studio with editing. I will always try to send out some kind of sneak peek for you to share with your family and friends. For those of you sending out announcements or needing images as soon as possible, please let us know!

We are believers in beauty in its purest form.

Timeless. Simple. Elegant.

Milestone Experience

Milestone packages contain; Maternity, Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. That’s 6 sessions all together! When you book your Milestone Grow With Me Package you will pay 50% down of the total package. Each session we book, you will pay another small payment towards your total. This is our payment plan. For example, our GWM Package (Grow With Me) is $950.

The Payment Plan:
For example, our GWM Package (Grow With Me) is $1050.
The initial payment will be $525. This will cover your first session (Maternity) and all other sessions will be a payment of $105, every time you schedule.
One time payment of $525 to start your package and 5 payments of $105.

The maternity session:
The maternity session time will be depending on your comfort. I’ve had mothers who want their maternity session done at 6 months, I’ve had some that wait until they’re 36 weeks. It’s all up to you.

The Newborn session:
Please see the above “Newborn Experience” For further detail.

3-9 month session:
Each one of these sessions is about 20-30 minutes long. You can expect at least 15 images from each one of these sessions. He/She is completely allowed to use one or all of our props, outfits, or whatever you like from our studio!

12-month session:
This is their Birthday session! Yay! You’ve been a part of the WAPhotography family for a whole year, if not more! We wouldn’t have it any other way. For these sessions, you can bring a cake for cake smashes, more decorations to celebrate, banners, balloons, multiple outfits, whatever you like! This session will typically be about 45 minutes in length and contain at least 30 images.

After all the craziness, we hope to see you again soon!
You will most likely have made yourself a little part of my heart forever.