• Most sessions vary from 2-8 week turnaround depending on how my schedule is. The more sessions I have the longer the wait. I always say 4 weeks is my “new” average.
  • Are you late? Let me know! Most of the time this is not an issue, but if we have a travel photo session then you cannot be more than 15 minutes late. Regular sessions you MUST arrive on time unless we spoke otherwise. ANY SESSION 30 minutes will be considered a “No show” if no contact. If you have contacted me and 30 minutes have elapsed then, you WILL NEED to reschedule.
  • Indoor sessions and outdoor sessions are NEVER done together. If you would like to purchase an indoor and outdoor they will be charged as TWO separate sessions. No combination of locations will be allowed. (Indoor is done in the morning. Where as, outdoor is done at golden hour- in the afternoon)
  • You may print from anywhere your heart pleases UNLESS it is a kiosk style print. For example No Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Walgreens, & other locations alike. You may print from Costco, however. Use a reputable online printing lab for the best quality print.
  • 50% of your deposit is due at scheduling. Your date WILL NOT be saved if you do not pay your deposit on time. First come first serve rules apply.
  • 100% down for ALL mini sessions. No exceptions.
  • All prices are set. Basic packages ALWAYS come with “all inclusive” features. Those features will not change for price differences. i.e. 10 images for… or 20 images for…
  • Prices may vary from location to location.
  • Absolutely copyrighting or stealing of images. No reproductions of any kind or altering of editing. If caught you will be persecuted for unlawful infringement.
  • Boudoir sessions will NOT be posted online for any reason. Do not ask for uploads as this is a privacy and personal decision.
  • Feel free to snap away at your child’s’ session, but please do not get in the way of the camera. (I will let you know)
  • Weddings: Please remind your family and friends that YOU DO have a professional photographer on site and to not walk in the middle of the aisle or get up on the podium with you just to photograph. I cannot stress how important this is. I will not be liable for any guests that jump into a photo of a sweet moment ( like your first kiss). Let your guests enjoy your ceremony and unplug.
  • Not liable for lost or stolen products or downloads. You may ask for an additional upload, but you must pay for any replacement products.
  • Do not share images off website without subjects permission.
  • When paying for deposit you agree to become a “model” and “release” all rights to images. This is basically stating that you know I will be photographing you and you’re okay with that. It’s kind of the point you hired me, huh? ha.

That’s it for now! Thanks for abiding by all my rules and regulations.