As a precaution Boudoir Photographs will not be posted on a public portfolio. You can, however, find your photos through your password protected personal gallery.

What’s “Boudoir” and how does it work?

Boudoir sessions are a very intimate and personal photography experience. Most sessions are shot indoors in a comfortable setting with women working behind the scenes.

Do we photograph in your studio?

Yes! I have my own private studio and, I do travel. If you have a specific style in mind please message me, and we can coordinate a studio space that fits your vision.

What should I expect the day of?

A lot of flirty fun! I usually get to the location early in the day with my team. Depending on if your package included hair and makeup my girls would go ahead and get you ready (typically you will have a consultation with them about how you want this done prior to the date of the shoot). Once your gorgeous look is completed we will start shooting. During the session, I will ask you to laugh (a lot), feel tall and confident (like if you aren’t already), and smile (Say cheeese!). At the end of the day, I want you to have a collection of images that make you feel as beautiful and as stunning as I see you.