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Thank you for visiting! My name is Jovana Padilla. I'm a Central Valley, California photographer who is head over heels in love with her career. I have a wonderful husband who helps me photograph my weddings and he's often the light of the room, David. I also have two amazing sons named Anakin (Yes, like Darth Vader), and August they are the sassiest baby you'll ever meet. I love them to itty bitty pieces. They have fueled my fire to jump into children's photography more and more.. and I'm loving every minute of it!

Our Story

I've been photographing for six beautiful years and have had the blessing of meeting some of the most beautiful people on the face of this earth. The greatest joy of being a photographer is having a connection with someone's memories. It's a tangible expression of love, peace, and happiness, and who doesn't want that? I mean. Really? 

My style of photography is more of a modern approach, while I appreciate the traditional poses and will happily give them to you (grandma and grandpa rejoice!), I would much rather capture you in your true essence with candid shots. I promise to always give you my 100% and to not only be your photographer but also be seen as a close friend at the end of the experience. I love hearing about how excited you are and how you want the session to go. Send me lots of ideas! Your wish is my command. *Wink* If you're excited it makes feel a billion times more excited to meet you and get our ideas together! My goal every day is to make YOU happy. So, let's get together and make something beautiful.

My Favorites

• Burgers and fries
• All white rooms with pops of color
• Soft neutrals
• Baby thighs
• Giggles & bouts of laughter
• Colorful blooms and beautiful landscapes
• Beautiful cakes and dessert tables
• Coffee. Endless Coffee.
• Typographic prints and handwritten fonts

My Philosophy I appreciate the simplicity in life. Whites at it's purest form, and the sun at its most colorful. I believe that people are the same way. Those who are simple will continue to be and I want to shoot them their own, relaxed, way. While, those who are full of color, I want to photograph in their own, special, way. I want this experience to be about you. The real you. Capturing the raw moments that will remind you of a time that you can only treasure from now on.
The Experience Breathe. Just breathe. Let's think about what you truly want to capture. Now, let us do just that. Let's let the special shots come organically. Forget my lens and just enjoy the moment. I hope you enjoy the little goodies I've collected in my studio wardrobe just for you to use. Baby sessions only require you to bring that sweet little bundle of yours. We'll take care of the rest.

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